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  • Upon receipt of your job request the appropriate contactor will be asked to contact your named site contact person within the next 24 hours. Note that the Owners Corporations are only responsible for maintenance of common property repairs. If in doubt please phone to clarify.
  • Urgent jobs are to be phoned into our office between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. For after hours emergencies please contact our emergency team on 02 9819 7438.
  • Titles Strata Management Pty Ltd shall not be held responsible in the event that this request is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.


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I first met John at Titles Strata Management in late 1999, at that time our strata plan was located with a large organization where you were faceless on the phone. Our strata plan needed someone to look after our affairs and cared for their clients. Having transferred our strata plan to Titles Strata Management in the … Continue reading “L. Slater”

L. Slater

Hi Crisar, I have to compliment you for being a very knowledgeable and competent strata manager. You also have clarity of thought and explain things very clearly in our meetings. I have to admit you are the best strata manager that I have encountered in this strata since 2007. You handle our meetings well, which is … Continue reading “T. Tokura”

T. Tokura

Hi Susan, Hope that you are well.  Once again thank you for the professional way you handled our Annual General Meeting.

S. Michael

Our strata manager is the best in the business. I have owned and had investment properties for over 30 years and our manager knows her stuff. She is a delight to deal with, suffers no fools, gets things done fast every time. I am about to move into a new building in Marrickville and want Titles Strata Management to manage the building.

P. Chapman

Susan is very reliable in tracking so many issues at our building. The highlight of this year by our strata manager is how she handled the storm water drain issues and the illegal use of the car park area. Our manager is very professional and caring.

C. Gamboa

Our strata manager always provides timely and efficient communication. He is very confident in interpreting legislation. Brandon is excellent, so much better than our previous manager and company. Our committee is a lot more proactive now that we have the right management. I would recommend Titles Strata Management to others.

R. Walker

John always provide first class service to our strata scheme. He is very efficient and responds to our queries in a timely fashion. I have always found it an easy process contacting Titles Strata Management as they are always available. Will definitely recommend Titles Strata Management.

K. Angel

Hello Crisar, I was tremendously impressed with your professionalism and a quite respect to very different people at our Annual General Meeting. Thank you for being patient with a rowdy bunch from our strata scheme. Much appreciated!

T. Sokolova

Titles Strata Management have been excellent in managing our property from the word go. The Developers engaged a strata company that did not know much of what they were doing. Luckily, we found Titles Strata just in time to provide us with the correct knowledge and expertise to get our building on the right track.

We have always had a good relationship with our manager and they go beyond in providing a personalised service to our strata scheme.

N. Kaye